Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Biodiesel, Biodiesel - Another Biodiesel Poem

Biodiesel, Biodiesel
Or... Why Does Your Car Smell Like Fries?

By Mark Allen

Biodiesel, Biodiesel, I make it at my house
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, I needed permission from my spouse
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, the word just flows from my lips
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, and my car smells like potato chips

My fuel doesn't ride, tossing all about
In big oil tankers, not built too stout
Not that it would matter, or be a big deal
If a shipwreck caused a Biodiesel spill

I used to hate, my drive to work
I'd get real mad, drive like a jerk
But now I drive, calm as can be
Helping our environment, can't you see?

Biodiesel, Biodiesel, it's my environmental shield
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, my fuel grows in a farmer's field
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, man, who could even think it?
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, and it won't kill me if I accidentally drink it!

My mama always scolded me
"Eat your veggies", so said she
That's what she said, since the day I was born
And now my car, it runs on corn

When gas prices drop, some people do jump
And head on down to the local gas pump
What do I think? I think it's kind of dumb
I just fill up my tank from my 50 gallon drum

Biodiesel, Biodiesel, no matter what your gender
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, on my first batch I used a blender
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, I hope Exxon and Mobil feel rejected
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, anyone know how my warranty is affected?

Some people might say, weird things about you
Hey, don't stress, what're you gonna do?
Just let 'em talk, let 'em tell their lies
While you drive by smelling just like fries

Do we use too much oil? Maybe, duh!
We're probably too dependent on Arabia
We'd be better off, from Utah to Ohio
If drivers got together and demanded more Bio!

As in
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, Excuse me, while I drive behind this diner
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, A vat of used grease; not much could be finer
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, Gotta go now, I got a red hot date
Biodiesel, Biodiesel, She loves the fact my fuel isn't coming from Kuwait

Nice To Meet You, I'm Biodiesel

Nice To Meet You, I'm Biodiesel

By Mark Allen

Biodiesel is what they call me
Not a name I would have chose
Maybe "SuperDiesel" or "IncrediFuel"
But, sadly, I'm not called those

Oil companies, however, call me names
They say I'm one of many chemical mutants
But, that's okay, I don't mind
Because I let off far less pollutants

I am made from lots of things
From corn, from soy, from rice
Since I have the scent of chips or fries
They say I smell quite nice

Crude oil is quite disgusting though
A gross black and sticky potion
It dirties up the air when burnt
And it blackens up the ocean

I burn so much cleaner than them
I'm biodegradable too, that's no shock
Petroleum based fuel is found underground
It literally crawls out from beneath its rock

I can be produced almost anywhere
Near a school, a hospital, or a winery
You can even make me in your garage
In your own custom built refinery

Your car will also love me too
I'm available in many different blends
I give off much fewer harmful emissions
Thus, I won't offend your friends.

I need more and more people to use me though
So tell all your friends and their relations
Wouldn't we all just love it if
We relied less on oil-producing nations

So spread the word in Spring or Summer
At Christmas, or Halloween
Convince everyone everywhere
To say "No" to gasoline

Ode to Biodiesel - A Farmer Saves The Day

Ode To Biodiesel
A Farmer Saves The Day

By Mark Allen

I was headed across the country
Driving through farming land
When my car sputtered to a stop
With no one around to lend a hand

I tried to start my engine again
But only heard that familiar sound
And I looked up and down the highway
But, no gas stations could be found

Just then a tractor pulled up
And off jumped a farmer to save my day
He asked if I'd had car trouble
Or if I'd lost my way

I informed him of my plight
And to his judgment I did yield
As he hooked up a chain to my car
And towed me across his field

I said to him "nice farm"
He replied, "Thanks, I got it at an auction"
"Have any spare diesel?" I then inquired
He said he makes his own concoction

I followed him to his barn
Not sure yet of what I'd find
I thought this supposed diesel-making farmer
Had surely lost his mind

He gave me a brief run-through
About how the corn he raises turns to oil
And with this machine he manufactures
Diesel that grows from his own soil

I stood there in amazement
I stood there dazed with shock
Then my brain, it started to think
And my mouth, it began to talk

I told him I thought he was a genius
And that his machine defied explanation
How people would come from miles around
To make their own fuel from vegetation

I told him we'd be rich
How rich I didn't mention
But I told him we should market
His home fuel making invention

The farmer squinted his eyes and looked at me
And leaned on an old oil drum
He scratched his chin and then he said
"Boy, are you just dumb?"

He informed me that "it's nothing new"
"After all, Lotsa people are doin' it"
He even told me of a place I could order
My own fuel processing unit

He claimed it wasn't that hard to make
And it'd been around for ages
He said cars and trucks had long used it
In all their various stages

He explained to me how it was produced
And how current fuel trucks were already designed to haul it
He explained everything up to that point
Everything, except what did he call it?

"Biodiesel", he said to me
At first, I thought he might be teasing
"My whole farm, it runs on it �
And the smells so gosh-darned pleasing"

Well, I learned a lot of info that day
I learned I could make it or just buy it
He even filled up my tank complimentary
So I could go ahead and try it

Well, I drove away and fell in love
And bought more in every state
You too should give it a try
He was right, it smells just great

Soon gasoline may be obsolete
Kind of like the mule
But, I'll be thankful I ran out of gas
Near that farmer who made his own fuel

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toyota To Increase Production And Incentives

With April's cars sales volume down over 41% and Ford pushing it aside in the numbers race, the Toyota division is motivated to move units in May. At the request of dealers, the automaker is boosting production of its best-selling Toyota Camry and popular RAV4 SUV. In addition, a new ad campaign, called "Perfect Timing," started on Friday. It is an attempt to boost sales on vehicles using reduced interest rates, more consumer cash and a focus on low payment leases. The campaign caters to regional needs with aggressive leases in the East, and zero-percent interest rates in the West and Midwest. Bob Carter, Toyota division general manager, told Automotive News that "there will be an enhanced package of incentives compared with what Toyota currently offers." Carter didn't elaborate, so it seems you'll just have to visit a showroom to get the details. Regardless, it appears that Toyota is willing to make a deal like never before. The bad economy is also hitting hard in the car parts, tires, and accessories also.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make Biodiesel Instructions On Video

Here is another look at how to make your own Biodiesel. This is on a much smaller scale but can be adapted to larger processes. It is also a great way of understanding how the larger Biodiesel processor units work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Biofuel and Insulation Benefits of Hay

One farming community with a long history as a hay producer is eyeing the future and a possible resurgence in the demand for hay related products. Here is a news story about the viability of hay as a source for biofuel, as well as a great insulation method for new homes. Green thinking is a great way for farmers to look towards the future and also hold on to their farming heritage.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pennsylvania To Fund Biofuel Projects

One of the major obstacles to the development of biodiesel and other biofuel projects is proper funding. Especially in rough economic times like we are currently experiencing. That's why the news that the state of Pennsylvania is going to fund almost fifty biofuel projects is such welcome news to the alternative fuel community. Aside from being a positive step in the direction of freeing the country from the bounds of foreign oil, projects like these spur private investment and create jobs. Investment in viable alternative fuels is a good thing whether it is done by government or private entities.